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Direct Conservatory Co’s classic range is designed to help you get the best from your budget without compromising on size, design or what you intend to use it for.

On display in our showroom is a range of classic conservatories that has stood the test of time – seeing off the recent trend of modern expensive conservatories. They are built to real sizes and are sold at real prices, demonstrating that you don’t have to break the bank to own and enjoy a conservatory that will not only improve the appearance and value of your home but will also add quality to your lifestyle. You will see when you visit us just how much space a 10ft x 10ft Victorian actually gives you. You will discover that by furnishing a 12ft x 10ft Edwardian correctly you may not require anything bigger. You will be amazed at how a simple, 13ft x 10ft Lean-to can be designed and furnished to look absolutely stunning. Finally, see the impact modern colour has with the Edwardian Grey – delivering a state-of-the-art look when combined with modern, classic furnishing.

Direct Conservatory Co. offers a full planning, design and build service simplifying the process of creating a conservatory to compliment your lifestyle.

10am – 6pm Mon – Fri
10am – 4pm Sat & Sun

Click here to read about the Planitherm Total + Glass used in our conservatory roofs




Bi-folding doors are standard in all their new designs – literally putting the owner into the garden. The style and elegance of the ‘Orangery Modern’ is breathtaking and the ‘Orangery Cream’ demonstrates the value of colour in creating stunning alternative designs.

Any house owner considering building an extension now has a cost effective alternative without the inconvenience of a full building project. All designs fall within existing conservatory planning rules and take no longer to errect than a classic conservatory. Direct Conservatory Co. offers a full design and build service simplifying the process of creating a stunning building to compliment your lifestyle.

Obviously you want to achieve the best so please take the time to visit the North West’s largest Conservatory Showroom and experience designs you won’t see anywhere else – you won’t be dissappointed.

Visit the largest showroom in the North West.
At the end of the M55 just 10 minutes from J32 of the M6.

Climate control easy clean glass roofs • Bi-folding doors • Lighting pack
with all Orangeries and Garden Rooms

What is an Orangery?

The orangery originated from the Renaissance gardens of Italy, when glass-making technology enabled sufficient expanses of clear glass to be produced. In the north, the Dutch led the way in developing expanses of window glass in orangeries, though the engravings illustrating Dutch manuals showed solid roofs, whether beamed or vaulted, and in providing stove heat rather than open fires. This soon created a situation where orangeries became symbols of status among the wealthy. The glazed roof, which afforded sunlight to plants that were not dormant, was a development of the early nineteenth century.

Bringing us into the 21st Century, Direct Conservatory Co is now the leading manufacturer and builder of bespoke Orangeries in the North West of England and, using the technologies of the day, now allows you to utilise the building for everyday living purposes.

These 3 Classics are the best sellers for 3 very simple reasons great design, practical use and fantastic value for money.

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