There are many reasons why we’ve fast become the preferred option to buy new composite doors. In short, we offer affordable premium quality composite doors. Unlike other companies, we don’t expect you to re-mortgage to afford one.

Nearly all composite door slabs are manufactured using the same methods, same materials and in most cases, imported from the same country. We decided to take things one step further. Our door slab has been engineered using superior composition which means we can squeeze more Thermal efficiency out of the same depth door slab.

We offer contemporary and traditional composite doors at half the price of our competitors – we made the decision to shake things up and sell them at a price everybody can afford. We understand our customers are willing to spend the extra to have a decent looking front or back door. How about we let you keep the extra in your pocket, saving you money and still enable you to buy one of the best looking, lowest priced, highest security composite doors on the market today?

The UK’s No 1 selling entrance door

Stunning aesthetics

Ultimate energy efficiency

Extensive range

Quick installation time

Variety of colours

Unbeatable price

The UK's No. 1 entrance door

Quick installation time

Design your custom made door

High security locking mechanisms

Engineered using superior composition

Weather resistant & low maintenance

Contemporary style, modern features. Our composite doors offer stunning aesthetics, the latest designs, high security and extreme energy efficiency.

The ultimate energy efficient door. Our composite door slab has been tested in comparison to other market leading door slabs and the results proved our door is 17%+ more thermally efficient. FACT.

Traditional style modern features. Our classic composite doors have all the benefits of high security, extreme energy efficiency whilst maintaining a traditional appearance.

Obscure glass options

For privacy, a different style or to allow more light into a room without a view, our obscure glass options could be exactly what you are looking for. We offer different designs from classic to modern all capable of allowing maximum light through whilst maintaining your chosen privacy level.

Five levels of privacy

We offer five levels of privacy graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration).

All glass is available in toughened or laminated maintaining privacy and security.

Our composite doors have the latest security features such as anti-lift hook locks.

High security multi-point locks. Feel safe knowing you’ve got the best.

Keep the warmth in and the drafts out with our triple-seal outer frame.

You have the option to upgrade your composite door with quality hardware in the latest designs.

Prestige Door Range

We continue our philosophy of providing our customers with the very latest designs and features at an affordable price. We’ve catapulted composite doors into a new millennium and launched an upmarket range that you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit our showroom to look, touch and feel the new door range everyone is talking about. We’ve created a unique modern door range that combines the latest design features using anodised aluminium door cassettes and stylised grooved lines.

Upgrade the door further with one of our brushed steel architectural bar handles. It comes complete with a high security gravity lock– automatically locking the door when closed.

The all new contemporary composite door range is exclusive to Direct Door Co. The most modern composite door range on the market today. We’ve combined the high thermal efficiency of our superior composite door slab with the aesthetic style of aluminium.

Become the envy of your neighbours and be one of the first people to purchase one of our unique composite door designs.

Exclusive design features

Ultimate energy efficiency

High security gravity door lock upgrade

Colour range option

Spoilt for choice with our extensive colour range:


Upgrade your front door with a modern architectural bar handle:

Create a modern visual impact with one of our architectural bar handles. Our long bar handles are available in 4 different sizes: 900, 1200, 1500 & 1800mm giving you the freedom to customise your door.