Energy efficient

Our windows/doors massively reduce heat loss in your home, saving money on your heating bills. We use special chambered frames and advanced coating technology to capture warmth from natural daylight to help heat the home. The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature. Our windows/doors virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows/doors.


All our windows/doors come with multi-point locking systems reinforced with anti-rust galvanised steel hinges, conforming to latest British security standards recognised as an asset by insurance companies. All our windows/doors are also securely beaded to prevent removal of the glass from the outside. They allow for a night vent position which enables air to circulate while the window/door remains locked.

We are secure by design license holders, which means we have undergone rigorous testing to be able to provide superior security features on our window/door system (new build).

Noise reduction

Your home should be a place where you can shut out the world and escape the pressures of your working day. If you install our windows/doors you can keep noise to a minimum and enjoy your internal space. Our glazing forms an effective barrier to external noise allowing you to sleep restfully in a tranquil environment. Enjoy your home at a sensible noise level so you can relax and unwind without additional stress. Reduce noise entering your home, particularly for conservatory roofs when it is raining.

Fully bespoke

We provide you with a free consultation, offering a design and planning service tailored specifically to your needs. If you already have an idea of what you want, great! We will put all your ideas down on paper and create the look you’re dreaming of. We have fully qualified survey teams that provide a full CAD design and planning service in which we can also process planning applications including the required architectural drawings.

Great appearance

When you purchase our windows/doors you’re investing in a product that looks great but also offers virtually maintenance free benefits. Our windows/doors are designed to remain as smart and attractive as the day they were first installed. Our UPVC will never discolour, flake, rot, peel or rust, so they don’t require painting or sanding. An occasional wipe-down with soap and water is all they need to keep them looking as good as new. The plastic used in our profiles is “virgin UPVC” meaning we don’t use any recycled plastic that can cause discolouration or splitting/cracks.

Virtually maintenance free

We offer a great looking window/door system that is designed to require the least amount of maintenance as possible. Our window/door hinges are made from galvanised steel, lubricated with an anti-rust coating. We recommend a regime of spraying locking and holding mechanisms with WD-40 every 3 – 6 months. Our welded window/door system has the ultimate clean edges and corners from using precision tested corner cleaning robotics. Our profile is engineered to fend off dirt and unwanted dust particles from roadside or external weather conditions.