Contemporary Conservatories+


Our modern take on classic conservatory designs has a real focus on insulation and energy efficiency. All our conservatories come with insulated base work, insulated walls and our highest energy rated windows and doors. A contemporary conservatory design can be a great way to expand your home with a bright, open living space. Built to a higher standard than the previous generation of 20-year-old conservatives. Conservatories can be a cost-effective way of getting the extension to your home that you desire. The specification of the new type of conservatories we install are guaranteed to add value to your home, all purpose built to your requirements.

Conservatories come in many different shapes and sizes. We can build conservatories with a lean-to roof, Edwardian (hipped) roof, Victorian (Shaped hipped) roof or P-shape roof. The most popular style would be an Edwardian conservatory, also known as a Georgian conservatory, it square corners and a pitched roof with a central ridge. Although like Victorian conservatories, the Edwardian has more internal floor space and higher ceiling height. There is also a ‘Double Hipped’ style where the roof slopes back towards a reinforced box gutter on the property from the central ridge of the conservatory roof. This style is perfectly suited to properties with height restrictions.

Planning permission is not always required providing it’s built within certain sizes. Simply explained, you’re allowed; 3 meters projection from the original house wall on a semi-detached house or 4 meters projection from the original house wall on a detached house. The width of the conservatory is not under any restriction. To go further out than these examples, we would need to apply for planning permission (we can arrange this on your behalf).

Build a bespoke conservatory:
(+) Energy efficient A+12 rated windows and doors.
Traditional or contemporary designs available.
Fully insulated walls and base work.
Upgrade to bifold doors, Crittall style doors or patio doors.
Multiple colour options and frame design upgrades.
All multi-point locking windows.
Plastering & electrics can be added.
Piling or raft foundations can be added.

How a conservatory is ‘permitted development’:
3 metres projection on semi-detached property (Without planning consent).
4 metres projection on detached property (Without planning consent).
The roof is more than 75% glass area.
The walls must be at least 50% glass area.
Planning permission not governed on the width of the conservatory.
A glazed structure with a low brick base.
The structure is built against the wall of a house with a closing door or window.
Standalone heating source separate from the main house.