Eco insulation internal (Eco I)


Save the planet and increase the longevity of your roof. An Eco upgrade can transform your conservatory. The Eco-insulation system creates a multi-layered ceiling system, protecting the internal space from extreme fluctuations in temperature. Save the planet and increase the longevity of your roof! Allow natural light in by adding some supersized sky panels to the roof, these units can be strategically placed to avoid the sun’s glare or above a internal window to brighten a room.

The multi-layered system helps reduce heat transfer on summers days. In winter, it will drastically reduce heat loss through the roof, helping to keep those energy bills low. An added bonus of 25mm insulation boards with a multi-layered effect, is the external sound will be reduced. This will provide a more relaxing and suitable living environment.

The Eco upgrade system is fabricated on site to the exact size and shape of your conservatory. It’s compatible with most conservatory styles, Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to or extravagant P-shaped designs. It enables you to transform an undervalued room into a smart and stylish solid roof ‘style’ extension.

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