Eco insulation internal & external (Eco I E)


Go one step further by upgrading the inside and outside together. The weather tight external cover system uses a lightweight slate with built-in anti-fungal properties. The external roof system is up to 75% recycled and comes with a 40-year guarantee and double the insulation. It will definitely keep those electric and gas bills lower. Allow natural light in by adding some supersized sky panels to the roof, these units can be strategically placed to avoid the sun’s glare or above a internal window to brighten a room.

One of the great benefits of an Eco internal & external system is your effectively transforming your room into a fully insulated watertight extension. Multiple layers and air gaps create a system that provides unbelievable noise and heat retention. Any outdated conservatory can now be quickly transformed! Visit one of our showrooms to view these products on full-size display.

Visit one of our showrooms to view on life size display.