EQ Home Extension


The new EQ Annex is an exclusive first. This hybrid has earnt the name from incorporating a vast amount of insulation and design features. Designed to conserve energy by using fewer natural resources whilst also creating a stunning room. This revolutionary room is built with up to 50% recycled material

The EQ Annex doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve had the 20-year-old conservatory, too hot in summer too cold in winter, you might want to consider the next generation of insulated hybrids. Opulent vertical styled pillars, elegant roof design, a huge amount of insulation and an increase in internal usable space.

As well as wow factor features, the EQ Annex comes with insulated eco frames, insulated base, insulated roof and our highest energy rated windows and doors. Insulated ceiling with centralised sky units.

The virtually flat roof holds a revolutionary ‘cloaked’ guttering system which creates an impressive visual impact, you can be sure you’ll be the envy of your neighbours.

Visit one of our showrooms to view on life size display.

As well as stunning features, let’s look at the amount of insulation:
Planet saving eco product.
50% recycled material.
Thermally efficient roof.
Vertical insulation backed panels create a luxury design that will give any property the wow factor.
Choose from multiple vertical panel finishes.
Integral eco frame with insulated panels.
Insulated plasterboard walls.
Insulated base work.
Energy efficient A+12 rated windows and doors.
Upgrade to bifold doors, Crittall style doors or patio doors.
Multiple colour options and frame design upgrades.
All multi-point locking windows.
Plastering & electrics can be added.
Piling or raft foundations can be added.