EQ Garden Rooms


An EQ Garden Room is a revolutionary new design of garden room that uses up to 70% recycled materials. This garden room encompasses three main design aspects: Cost, longevity and helping to save our planet.

The EQ Garden Room is built to last by using materials which are maintenance free, waterproof and sustainable. They can be a cost-effective way of providing your family with more space without the need of a costly extension. The thermally efficient garden room offers stunning design and high insulation. The internal eco frame has inbuilt insulated panels with waterproof cladding (available in multiple colour upgrades). Create a modern space that will compliment your family’s lifestyle.

Help stop chopping down trees! Avoid timber construction garden rooms (glorified sheds!) as most timber garden rooms are using non-sustainable materials. Timber construction garden rooms also require a vast amount of maintenance. Painting or timber treatment will be required annually. If not maintained correctly, a timber garden room soon becomes a damp rotten shed at the bottom of the garden. Or even worse, the local bug and rodent hideout!

Visit one of our showrooms to view on life size display.

Our multipurpose garden rooms could be used for several different purposes:
Teenager chill zone.
Cinema room.
Home office.
Business startup.
Relaxation room.
Hobby room.
Pet sanctuary.

Eco Garden Room benefits.
Planet saving eco product.
70% recycled materials.
Low maintenance.
Maximum usable floor area.
Internal electric pack.
Energy efficient A+12 rated windows and doors.
Insulated base.
Insulated walls.
Insulated roof.
Multiple finishes.