This review is to provide an overview on how we prepared to undertake our work activities as we return to work in a staged controlled programme. The control measures that Direct Window co have put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic are based on Government, HSE, ACAS and  PHE available advice . The “Staying Covid19 Secure” 5 steps have been followed and adhered to.

A full Risk Assessment has been carried out by our IOSH ( Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) trained team throughout all our working disciplines including our manufacture plant,  installation, newbuild, field and mobile teams, showrooms, offices and trade areas. A full area by area document created fully capturing all elements of potential risk circumstances, cause factors, uncertainties and all related requirements.

The Risk Assessment clearly shows all staff, visitors and members of the public the likelihood of the risk and how the risk can be reduced bringing our risk to an acceptable level. A copy of which is visible in each area and every team member on return is asked to sign and date they have understood the RA.

The changes we have made:

  • Enforcing personal protection gloves and masks when required.
  • Ensuring the workforce are working at a safe distance.
  • Making sure working areas are sanitised.
  • Positioning Alcohol gel in key areas of the business.
  • Creating ‘hand wash zones’.
  • Temperature checking all staff and public (when required).
  • Informing members of the public of our guidelines.
  • Informing our workforce of our guidelines.

By following the government guidelines on social distancing and protective measures we have reduced the risk to our workforce , customers , visitors and suppliers working on our behalf. We have implemented these actions to keep our workforce and general public safe. Without being complacent we are confident we have taken every step necessary to limit and reduce the risk of infection in our working environment. Thank you to the public and staff members for their co-operation.

The Direct Team.

Covid 19 Secure