We understand that for some people new windows may be a purchase they only make once in their lifetime. Making it crucial you get the very best for your money without paying over the odds. Home improvements aren’t cheap there’s no denying that, so naturally you want to make sure you get the very best deal with a company you can trust. We couldn’t agree more. We’re proud to tell you, that with us, we’ll install our very best window, at no extra cost. No expensive upgrades, no baffling you with 3 different specifications. Simply, our very best as standard. 

So, what does A+10 mean for you?

Well, a warmer home, increased comfort, lower carbon foot print and saving money on your heating bills to name a few.

Were currently the only window company in the UK that can boast the A+10 specification at such an affordable price. National companies can’t compete on spec or price. All from the loyalty shown by our customers, we’ve stayed local and so have our prices.

When you buy from us, you’ll spend money with a company that’s grown from making home improvement affordable. Unlike other companies, we rely on our ability to sell the very best products at lower prices than our competitors.

We know you expect more for your money. Advancements in technology, social media, the economy and the speed online information is shared all contribute to increasing customer expectations. We embrace this, our customers should never settle for less.

A window isn't just a window. Anymore.