In order to provide you with a quotation Direct Window CO need to collect some personal data. Personal data includes, Titles, Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, and where applicable the details required to complete a finance application.

If you do not proceed with an order, after receiving a quotation, then your personal data will be deleted after 12 months.

If you proceed with the order then it will be retained for as long as there is a product guarantee in place, this shall not exceed 10 years.  We process and retain the information for the following reasons:

  • To register your purchase with F.E.N.S.A – This is a requirement of the Competent Person Scheme for self-certification under building regulations. We only register with F.E.N.S.A once goods are installed.
  • To register your insurance-backed guarantee with Q.A.N.W. – Quality Assured National Warranty – this is only applicable once goods are installed.
  • To process an application for finance with Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC OR Shawbrook BANK. If you choose to apply for one of the finance options made available to you, we will use your data to apply on your behalf at one (or both) of the above-named banks. This is only applicable once an order is placed and you have chosen your payment method, all finance applications are proposed prior to installation. We are contractually obliged to process this information.
  • To hold contact details so we can efficiently locate your order, and answer your queries should you need post-installation or after-sales service.

Your data will not be shared with any third parties other than those highlighted above.

Should you wish to remove consent, make any corrections, erase your data, restrict who your data is shared with or lodge a complaint with a supervisor please email Mike Jarman using the following link, [email protected]. Please be aware that we may not be able to erase some or all personal if we are contractually obliged to retain it.

Personal data is used to provide you with essential documentation, and/or complete finance applications and will retained on files for the lifetime of the guarantees which does not exceed 10 years.