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Glass upgrade options

Acoustic glass considerably reduces outside noise, especially near busy areas such as motorways, main roads or airports. We use two varying thicknesses of glass, providing increased sound insulation.


Toughened glass is up to five times as strong as ordinary glass which means that it has to be hit much harder to break, If it does break, it cracks into small pieces, which are much less dangerous.


Laminated glass has the same strength as standard glazing but includes a plastic interlayer. If the glass gets broken this layer holds the whole pane in place so that there is no hole in the window and no chance intruders can enter.

Triple glazing

If you want to keep as much heat in your home as possible triple glazed windows are the way forward. That’s not to say that double glazing isn’t effective it’s just that the additional pane of glass will help retain more heatwaves.