Crittall style – the timeless design

Published on: 26th July 2023


Crittall design’s timeless style has won fans worldwide. Crittall’s thin steel-framed windows and doors combine industrial appeal with minimalist elegance. Since the late 19th century, this particular look has adapted to fit many design ideas. It’s popular for residential and commercial areas due to its elegant sightlines, geometric grid patterns, and high practicality. Crittall design brings natural light, timeless elegance, and seamless external connections to spaces.

Captivating Crittall Windows/Doors

With their captivating charm and distinctive style, captivating Crittall windows and doors effortlessly steal the show. These steel-framed elements have a reputation for being elegantly timeless and being able to mix in with a variety of architectural styles. Crittall windows and doors have thin frames and geometric designs that make the space feel open and spacious and let natural light flood the interior. 

Their mesmerising appeal goes beyond mere aesthetics, as they also provide practical benefits including increased security and energy efficiency. It is a credit to Crittall windows and doors’ ongoing appeal in the design world that they continue to enchant people, whether in residential or commercial settings.

Origins of Crittall Style

Crittall style, with its exquisite steel-framed windows and doors, is distinctive in architecture. These slim frames, invented in 1884 by Francis Henry Crittall and Crittall Windows Ltd., have changed how we see and use space. Crittall-style windows and doors are timeless because of their basic aesthetics, which fit with classic and modern architecture. 

Beyond their beauty, these windows and doors are strong, durable, and energy efficient. Crittall-style components have appeared in historical landmarks, modern buildings, and film sets, influencing design fans worldwide. Crittall style is popular and defines ageless design.

Geometric Grid Patterns

Geometric grid patterns make the Crittall style famous and distinctive. Horizontal and vertical steel bars split the glass panes into squares or rectangles, giving a stunning and ordered appearance. Crittall windows and doors include geometric grids for aesthetics and utility. They support the glass, allowing greater window spans while keeping the frames thin. 

The grids also give the design rhythm and symmetry, harmonising classic and contemporary architecture. Crittall-style geometric grid patterns bring sophistication and beauty to any environment.

Functional Crittall Features

Crittall windows and doors have functional characteristics that improve performance and use. Crittall windows and doors are popular in home and commercial applications due to their well-planned practical features.

  • Crittall windows and doors use energy-efficient glazing to limit heat transmission and boost insulation. This improves indoor comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Crittall windows and doors can withstand rain, wind, and high temperatures thanks to their steel frames.
  • Crittall windows and doors are secure due to their steel construction and contemporary locking systems.
  • Sound Insulation: Steel frames and double-glazed or laminated glass reduce noise and make indoor spaces quieter.
  • Crittall doors and windows are low-maintenance. Steel frames are durable and low-maintenance.


Finally, Crittall style is timeless and functional. Its late 19th-century geometric grid designs complement various building styles. Crittall windows and doors are attractive, energy efficient, weatherproof, secure, and low maintenance. Their impact on ancient landmarks and modern buildings proves their relevance. Crittall-style features will inspire future architects and designers with their timeless elegance and efficiency.