Current Trends In Windows and Door Designs

Published on: 26th July 2023


Windows and doors affect a building’s aesthetics and architecture. Architectural styles and customer preferences have changed window and door design trends. This article covers Current Trends In Windows and Door Designs, including Anthracite windows, contemporary double-glazed windows, flush sash windows, crittall type windows, aluminium front doors, and custom colour windows and doors. Read on for the newest design trends!

Trends In Windows and Door Designs

Anthracite Windows

For its timeless elegance and modern appeal, anthracite windows have become quite popular. Dark, elegant windows complement both classic and modern architecture. Anthracite windows contrast with lighter walls and enhance kerb appeal. Homeowners and architects love them because they match any exterior.

Modern Double-Glazed Windows

Modern double-glazed windows are energy-efficient and comfortable. Two panes separated by a gas layer insulate and reduce heat transmission in these windows. Thus, homeowners save energy and money while enjoying a more pleasant house. Modern double-glazed windows reduce outside noise, creating a peaceful home. Modern homes need these windows since sustainability is a concern.

New Window Styles

New window styles are challenging architectural constraints. These distinctive ideas are capturing homeowners and designers, from porthole windows with a maritime appeal to circular windows with artistic grace. Creative window styles let people express themselves and create unique homes. A magnificent triangular window or a creative mix of geometric forms is unlimited.

Flush Sash Windows

Flush sash windows give dwellings a sleek, contemporary appeal. These flush-fitting windows create a modern look. Modern and minimalist architecture suits flush sash windows’ simplistic aesthetic. These windows are beautiful, secure, and energy efficient.

Crittall-Style Windows

Crittall windows are leading the industrial chic trend in design. These grid-patterned windows have returned from the early 20th century. The sleek steel frames make a striking statement and let natural light permeate the interiors, creating bright and open areas. Crittall windows give historic charm and modern elegance to lofts and contemporary homes.

Aluminium Front Doors

The front door is the first impression of your home. Aluminium front doors are popular owing to their longevity, style, and cheap maintenance. Aluminium doors are durable because they resist decay and warping. These doors may also be altered to create a distinctive and eye-catching doorway that matches the decor.

Bespoke Colour Windows and Doors

Bespoke colour windows and doors are popular with homeowners that desire originality. These customizable choices let you match your windows and doors to your home’s exterior and interior. Bespoke colour selections range from bright colours to sophisticated tones.


Window and door design trends balance beauty, practicality, and sustainability. Anthracite windows, contemporary double-glazed windows, and innovative window shapes provide something for everyone. Homeowners are redefining architectural perfection by choosing sleek flush sash windows, industrial chic crittall-type windows, or durable aluminium front doors. The modern design emphasises individuality with custom-coloured windows and doors.