New integral blind display!

Published on: 2nd April 2024


We have an extensive range of integral blinds on display. We have integral blinds on display in windows, sliding doors and bi-folding doors. When you visit one of showrooms, we can demonstrate how easy the blinds are to operate.

Available in various colour options and permanently sealed inside the cavity of a double-glazed unit, they have the added benefit of being out of harm’s way. The blinds cannot be damaged and will not need to be cleaned. There’s the added benefit of a ‘clutter-free’ window cill too! You will see the blinds provide a much more modern appearance to conventional blinds.

We’ve seen many jobs where customers have recently had colonial blinds screwed to old windows. These types of blinds are not cheap and most colonial blind installation companies won’t explain the blinds are screwed directly into the window profile. If your thinking of installing colonial blinds after we install new windows, this could affect your warranty. The wrong size screws used or a screw in the wrong profile chamber, could cause internal leaks or drafts.