Our Windows

Window Performance Explained

A+ Window Energy Ratings (WER) are achievable with our 3 profile options. Chamfered, Flush and Sculptured.  The performance of windows is based on 3 product qualities. The frame, the glazing and the argon gas sealed inside the units.

Our standard (which exceeds 99% of companies) is capable of an A+12 rating (double-glazed) and an A++20 rating (triple-glazed). U-values as low as 1.3 can be achieved with a double-glazed unit and 0.8 with a triple-glazed unit.

The sustainable window systems we manufacture use post-consumer recycled PVC-U in the central core of the profile with virgin PVC-U on the external face. This provides our customers with technical performance and a more environmentally responsible product.

The post co-extruded (PCE) gaskets use a specially developed compound with twin-leg profile connection system and one-way support arm. Tested to BS6375, the gasket system achieves outstanding air tightness and weathering performance, improving energy efficiency further by minimising air leakage. Maximising the thermal performance of windows is vital to meet rising regulatory and customer demands. The advanced multi-chambered design of the profiles with innovative PVC-U Thermal-Inserts, work together to lock in heat.

Logik Flush Sash and Logik Chamfered profiles have an innovative six-chambered outer frame that will perform better than standard 70mm window profiles. Slimmer than standard systems, they provide a sleek, contemporary appearance, increasing the area of glass for improved sight lines and brighter interiors. Consistently being exposed to the elements, windows need to be hard-wearing, weather resistant and long lasting. The window systems we offer will enable you to meet and exceed all of these requirements.

Building Regs beating performance
Thermalogik six-chamber outer frame profile available that can exceed Building Regulations thermal efficiency requirements by up to 35%.*

Dual width compatibility
System accepts both 28mm and 36mm glazing.

Expert approval
Accreditation by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), British Standards Institute (BSI) and approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Secured by Design initiative.

* Source: Energy Saving Trust